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Firstly, take a selfie. This is your "BEFORE" Shot. We recommend using a white piece of paper underneath the lashes to show their length accurately.


Apply the serum every night directly to the skin of the upper eyelid at the base of the eyelashes using the accompanying applicator. Imagine you're painting on a thin line of liquid eyeliner. Blot any excess solution beyond the eyelid margin.

Additional applications of NARCISSUS LONDON Lash Serum will not increase the growth of eyelashes. Be patient, and apply it once each night and growth will follow.           

Upon discontinuation of treatment, eyelash growth is expected to return to pre-treatment level.

After 8-10 weeks, take another selfie, and revel in your reflection. Remember to tag us on instagram to be featured among our beautiful clique

Do not apply in your eye or to the lower lid. Only use the applicators supplied with NARCISSUS LONDON Lash Serum to apply the product. If you miss a dose, simply apply NARCISSUS LONDON Lash Serum the next evening. Significant improvement should be seen within two months of daily use.

Don't allow the tip of the bottle or applicator to make contact with surrounding objects, fingers, or any other unintended surfaces to avoid contamination and infections. Contact lenses should be removed prior to the application of NARCISSUS LONDON Lash Serum and may be reinserted 15 minutes following administration.


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