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Fall in love with your reflection

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Welcome to Narcissus London


Where the art of self-love meets the transformative power of beauty products;

where flaunting audacious beauty is captivating and adoration is timeless. 


Step into the heart of London, a captivating and enigmatic backdrop for beauty that mirrors the ethos of our brand.

Beauty products with vegan, paraben- free and cruelty free formulas (and no nasty ingredients like prostaglandins, PEG compounds or 1,2 Hexanediol). 

Embrace your reflection without reservation, for here, narcissism isn't a flaw but a fabulous form of self-expression!

Turn heads and command attention with the ultimate beauty essential for the modern multitasker- Narcissus London Tubing Accelerating Mascara.

The sublime Claire Steinmetz

BE A BOLD BEAUTY with our 100% natural formulas. 

#Love Thy Self

Vanity is not just okay – it's essential. 


Revel in your individuality, own your worth, and shine unapologetically !

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#Love Thy Self. Unleash your Summer beauty.
Photography by Sonnie Hiles

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